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Lee with Power Whisperer

My Achievement In American Craftsmanship

I’m Lee Bellinger, self-reliance expert and inventor of the PowerWhisperer backup power system.

Years ago, when I made an honest evaluation of my family’s own preparedness, I realized something that opened my eyes forever. In the event that a disaster caused enough damage to wipe out supply chains一gasoline, transportation and electricity一we had absolutely no reliable source of long-term power.

And in a worst-case scenario, the available generators were abysmal at best and deadly at worst. Every option I researched had multiple flaws that prevented it from being a serious choice.

It’s not hard to realize why. Most are designed by corporate engineers who spend most of their time looking at spreadsheets一not stretching the generator to its limit out in the field or relying on it for survival.


So I brought my decades of upscale independent living experience to an engineer and hammered out a solution一pouring well over $1 million of my own money into the project. I thoroughly tested the generator in a wide variety of scenarios at each stage of development, and went back to the engineer with the findings to add or take away.

Then, when a prototype was ready, I sent it out to my community and had them perform their own tests. Every suggestion or piece of feedback was then worked into the final design.

PowerWhisperer represents the best of all my experience, and the culmination of countless hours of effort to engineer the best generator on the market.

The PowerWhisperer Never Needs Gas

and is tougher than a Texas tick...

Versatile Triple Charging Options

Rollup solar panels over 6 feet wide (19.5” x 79.5”) that fully recharge the PowerWhisperer in 5-8 hours mean you don’t have to depend on any outside power source. But you can fully charge the battery in your house with the 120 volt AC trickle charger, or use the 12 volt car charger on the road.

Tactical Body

PowerWhisperer is the only truly portable option. With an easy-grip handle and durable wheels, you can easily take it along to any camping trip or tailgate party. And unlike other generators, PowerWhisperer runs silently in a 1/16th inch thick aluminum body capable of withstanding a huge range of weather conditions.

Designed to Run Everything from Appliances to Accessories

12-volt accessory plug for devices such as tablets and phones. It’s the same cigarette lighter-style socket you find in your car, so no special charging cables or adapters needed.

Electronic Components Meant for Continuous Use

2000 watt continuous use, 110/120 volt AC Inverter puts out as many amps as needed per hour, up to 16 amps at 120 volts. The PowerWhisperer Pro can run an 18 cu. ft. refrigerator for about 32 straight hours.

Powerwhisperer is perfect for . . .




However you choose to use it, PowerWhisperer is the only generator versatile enough to handle it all with quiet, portable, solar-powered style.

Powerwhisperer vs. Gas generators

  • Clean Energy
  • No fuel means no fumes

  • Low Maintenance
  • No searching for fuses or special tools.

  • Independence
  • No extra fuel costs, all you need is the sun.

  • Portable
  • Bring it along without the hassle.

  • Deadly Exhaust
  • Can’t use indoors (and make room for all the flammable fuel).

  • Constant Maintenance
  • Oily buildup in gas generators means lots of messy upkeep.

  • Dependence on Fuel
  • Your limited power supply comes at the mercy of fuel prices.

  • Immobile
  • Gas generators that can barely run appliances are far too cumbersome to move.

When you buy a PowerWhisperer, it shows up right to your door fully charged and ready to use right out of the box. NO assembly required and NO complicated instructions.

And to recharge, just choose one of the PowerWhisperer’s 3 easy-to-use charging options:

When you invest in the powerwhisperer

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