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the most capable and sophisticated off-grid power machine ever built.

Learn why this remarkable achievement in American Craftsmanship will be invaluable to your family’s safety & comfort under any circumstance.

6 Reasons Why PowerWhisperer
Towers Above The Rest

  • You have direct access to the experts who build PowerWhisperers in real time.
  • Publisher & Inventor Lee Bellinger has zero tolerance for “high pressure” sales of his PowerWhisperer systems. Our staff will treat you with respect at all times, and we’ll work together to figure out which PowerWhisperer model can best suit your family’s needs.

  • You have Lee Bellinger’s Personal Guarantee
  • He spent more than a million dollars of his own money to engineer the best generator on the market, and he stands by each and every PowerWhisperer as a product of that accomplishment. That’s why if you’re able to find a better generator with more generous features at a fairer price, you can keep your unit一and obtain a full refund anyway.

  • Absolutely NO Hidden Costs. Ever.
  • No sneaky fees for “installation.” When you buy a PowerWhisperer, it shows up right to your door fully charged and ready to use right out of the box. NO assembly required and NO complicated instructions.

  • PowerWhisperer is Guaranteed Cutting-Edge Technology.
  • Since 2013, PowerWhisperer has received 23 major upgrades to stay on the forefront of power technology. And since each unit is made individually in the USA, it’s guaranteed that when you buy yours, it will have the latest advances
    packed in.

  • So Tough, It Can Withstand a Nuclear Blast
  • PowerWhisperer’s safe and efficient power cell technology is housed in tough #5052 EMP-resistant aluminum that’s fabricated right here in the Carolinas.

  • Advantages Your Family Won’t Find Anywhere Else
  • PowerWhisperer has unprecedented versatility. With three redundant recharge options, mobile “roll-out” solar panels, and a truly portable design一it’s the only backup power system that can be relied on at all times, under any circumstance.

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The truth about most backup generator options?
They’re not options at all.

  • Most are completely dependent on a functioning supply chain of gasoline, diesel, propane, or natural gas一with no backup contingencies whatsoever.
  • Even the generators with solar-power capability are short-term solutions meant only for the weekend camper. For anything more intensive, they’re far too unreliable.
  • Very few options are portable一even the “Big Box” store brand ones that claim to be. Is too heavy and awkward to carry in a crisis truly portable?
  • They’re noisy enough to distract from your beer by the fire, and brightly-colored so that you can’t hide the generator when it matters most.

Think of PowerWhisperer like your favorite knife.

Lifesaving when you’re in trouble, but pretty damn useful the rest of the time, too.

Go camping or boating in the utmost comfort, be the envy of every tailgate party, or keep your family safe in the event of power loss.

PowerWhisperer the ONLY field-tested generator that offers all of these necessary features...

  • Rollup “Fiddle-Free” Solar Panel
  • Electronic Components Meant for Continuous Use
  • Tactical Body
  • Small Enough to Hide
  • Versatile Triple Charging Options
  • Expandable, Modular Components
  • Easy to Maintain, Repair or Add-on
  • Designed to Run Everything from Appliances to Accessories
  • Operates in a Variety of Weather Conditions

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PowerWhisperer has been engineered as the product of countless hours of intensive research, development, and field testing to be the most feature-packed generator available.

Find out if this revolutionary backup power system is right for your family’s needs with our free brochure, and view your personal DVD briefing from Publisher & Inventor Lee Bellinger!

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