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PowerWhisperer Hit By a Truck!
But does it work??

This PowerWhisperer was hit by a truck and we wanted to know if it still worked. It's crushed like a Coke can...but you never know...

Ran our Heavy Appliances — no problem!

History 1

We have had 2 power outages here of several hours in length since getting the unit and the refrigerator kept running no problem; wife was impressed! (This is the original - plastic - PW)

Mike B.

Beautiful Craftsmanship

History 2

We got the M Power Whisperer, and still haven't started using it yet --going thru the Manual. I was very impressed with the quality of the construction and how the engineering accommodated all the pieces and parts is such a compact unit. It's beautiful and looks like it will last forever.

Mary H.

Kept us in the cool for over a week!

History 3

I just wanted to tell you that we bought two Power Whisperers, one M-type and one was the version before the M-type. Our power was out since Tuesday 07/14. We just it back on Tuesday 07/21. The air conditioning compressor went up and it took the main circuit breaker with it. Having the power whisperers, one on each floor, was a huge blessing. We were able to use our radios and the TV, electric shaver, lights, computers, fans, rechargeable batteries for flashlights, and probably a few other things I can't think of. Being able to run fans made a huge difference because we had the two hottest days so far this year here in

Russell B.

Best choice I've made

History 4

I have the Power Whisperer, and I LOVE it!!

D B McCall.