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All Signs Point To
A Rough 2019 Winter in Danville

Danville’s high-volume regional power grids are antiques just waiting to fail bigtime.

One Snowstorm Away From REAL Danger

Hopefully you’ve been paying attention, because this winter could easily be the worst in a very long time. In fact, there are some incredibly reliable factors pointing toward disaster:

  • Arkansas’s state and municipal budgets have both been running in the red for some time, which means less resources for proper winter road maintenance and removing snow.
  • Another year has gone by, and that means Danville’s aging electric and utility structure could give out at any minute.
  • War is looking more likely every day between Israel and Iran, and conflict in that region means the beginning of a global oil shortage the likes of which we haven’t seen.
  • And as we’ve seen time and again in recent media examples, it’s entirely possible to end up fighting the masses for necessities like food and power if a crisis hits.

It’s an uncomfortable reality, but one you can’t avoid: power grids in major population centers across Arkansas are on the brink of failure, and all it would take is one major snowstorm to push them over.

The time to pull out all the stops and take proactive measures to protect your family is right now.



Each Winter in Arkansas, brutal conditions have the capability to leave millions of people without power for days一and even weeks一on end. But even so, the vast majority do not have any kind of backup plan.

An outage in the middle of winter means that most families won’t be able to stay in their own homes for longer than a few hours. If the outage continues and they’re forced to evacuate, they get to make the bleak choice between expensive hotels, crowded urban shelters, and piling their entire family into a relative or friend’s home.

The best choice is clear. Your own home is safer, more comfortable, and more convenient. But you need the resources to make it a viable option.

It happens like clockwork every year: news breaks of a big storm on the way and everyone flocks to stock up on supplies at the same. Stores become chaos-zones and there’s only about a 10% chance you’ll find anything useful left if you manage to push through.

Don’t react alongside the masses. Be proactive. The time to prepare is right now.

Lots of water & canned food are NOT enough

If you’ve ever lived in a place where storms are frequent, you’ve no doubt heard the PSA urging you to stock up on food & water right before a big one.

But as anyone who’s lived through one of these “snowpocalypses” can tell you, there are a great many issues to deal with一not just food and water.

It’s rare that anyone talks about the gritty details of life during a winter outage. But after a storm, many people end up face-to-face with challenges they weren’t expecting, including . . .

  • No gas.
    The biggest challenge your family will face is staying warm. And that large supply of cold, canned food suddenly doesn’t seem very appetizing once you realize you can’t cook anything.
  • No transportation.
    You can’t just hop in the car and escape the situation一terrible road conditions mean you must make due with what you have, where you are.
  • No phone.
    In today’s hyper-connected world, can you imagine being cut off from all outside communication? Without the ability to call for help in emergencies, you’ll need to be self-sufficient.
  • Violence.
    There’s no telling what people are capable of if they get desperate and cold enough. If they don’t have their own supplies, they may set their eyes on yours.

And remember, it’s entirely possible that things could stay like this for weeks or months while our desperate infrastructure tries to formulate a plan.

Be Honest And Look At Your Preparedness

With so many factors pointing toward an extreme winter storm season, you can’t afford NOT to be brutally honest with your own preparedness. (Your family’s safety depends on it.)

And to be clear一this means fixing any gaps you find, not just being aware of them so you can kick yourself once it’s too late.

It’s the same standard I hold myself to, which is how I first discovered a crucial problem with my own plans. (My decades of experience with self-reliant living means that I’m probably better prepared than most, too.)

I found that . . .

  • With my stocked supply of food and water, I could keep my entire family sustained for a pretty long time.
  • I was ready and willing to protect my property if the need arose.
  • I could take care of emergency injuries in a timely manner with my supplies and the training I had accumulated.
  • There was a way to stay connected to the rest of the world even with no power, no internet, and no phone.


If the storm was powerful enough to wipe out gas, transportation and power supply chains, my family would have absolutely NO long-term access to power.

And after extensively looking into all the available backup generator options, I realized that this was an unsolved problem for everybody, not just me. Throughout all my testing, I kept coming to these same conclusions . . .

  • Without fuel, natural gas, propane, or diesel, most generators were nothing more than a cumbersome lawn ornament.
  • Most generators had very specific, limited uses in mind.
  • None of the solar-powered generators could be taken seriously as long-term power sources (most were made for the occasional weekend camping trip, not survival).
  • Every single one was loud and brightly-colored enough to draw plenty of unwanted attention.

Since learning all this,I’ve dedicated myself to developing a better solution for those who need it most -- and I’ve spent over $1 Million of my own money to make it happen.

PowerWhisperer is the most versatile, reliable source of electricity ever designed.

It never needs gas is tougher than a Texas tick...

I didn’t want to be like those high-rise suit guys at the big companies. They design in a bubble. So I tested it. I put the PowerWhisperer through the wringer in every scenario I could imagine. And I went back to the engineer many times to tweak and add and take away.

All-in-all the project cost me well over $1 million.

Then, I sent it out to my community and had them do their own tests. I took the feedback and I created the PowerWhisperer M-Type.

I took every suggestion and piece of feedback and worked it into the final design, with all of these features...

The PowerWhisperer is not something to be put in your bug out kit or reserve cellar in case of the worst scenario and never to be used again. I built it to be THE MOST VERSATILE backup power source on the market.

And to make sure you get your money’s worth, I’ll send you (FREE) with your purchase my guide on 17 Different Uses for The PowerWhisperer.

For everything from bug out to tailgating, you’ll find yourself using the PowerWhisperer at least once a month in safe, ideal conditions and daily in inclement weather or survival scenarios. The PowerWhisperer will pay for itself several times over.

Get The Most Important Thing Your Family Needs To Stay Warm & Safe In a Snowstorm

When you place your order for the PowerWhisperer M-Type now, you’ll receive...

  • The full PowerWhisperer System including the EMP-Resistant aluminum case, accessory plugs, triple charging system, expansion ports, and more. (Retail Value: $3,997)
  • The Survival Kit including 8 exclusive reports and 2 Full-Length Survival Manuals. (Retail Value: $447)
  • The complete guide “17 Uses For Your PowerWhisperer” for making the most out of your PowerWhisperer M-type.
  • The full 6-month Guarantee
  • The complete owner’s manual and maintenance guide.
  • All right to your door.

If you order today, I’ll also offer FREE SHIPPING.

I’ve already told you my goal is to put a PowerWhisperer M-Type in all 200 million homes at risk for disasters this year. So for the snow season, I’ve ramped up production of the PowerWhisperer.

The retail value of this complete system is $3,997 but during the snowstorm season, I am offering a Preparedness Discount of 30% Off the Complete Disaster Survival System.

There’s a limited number of units set aside for the season and when they’re gone, I’ll go back to offering the system for full retail.



If you prefer to order by phone, call my 24-hour toll-free line at 1-877-371-1807

Right to your door with my personal guarantee.

Immediately when your PowerWhisperer arrives, you can begin using it with no setup required. Weekend camping trip ready. Or try it out that night at the tailgate party. Everything you need is in the box. Additionally, you'll have the straightforward instruction guide and 17 Uses For the PowerWhisperer Guide for motivation.

I need you to put the PowerWhisperer under serious scrutiny. I’ve already told you my goal is to help as many people as possible stay protected this winter season. If you feel the PowerWhisperer won’t help you, I NEED to know. I want to see it tested in every environment possible.

With that said, everyone has different power and survival needs. Test it out in your home, with your family. Do this for the entire snow season and laugh in the face of every outage.

If within 6-months you find a better solution, I’ll be happy to refund your money minus a small restocking fee so I can inspect your unit and send it along. No doubt someone else will be waiting for your PowerWhisperer so they can be prepared.

Don’t Let Your Planning Get In The Way
Of Actually Being Prepared

You’ve already read about how much research I’ve done into backup power options. And if you’re anything like me, here’s what you’ll do next:

  • Bookmark this page to come back to so you can do your own research.
  • Start to Google different backup power options.
  • Get distracted by other, more immediate matters.
  • Forget to invest in any backup power source or go for the “cheap and quick” option.

It’s too easy to bookmark this page and come back to it later. I get it. We’re planners. I don’t want you to have to explain to your family that you were “thinking about” investing in backup power that one time. That you were going to “budget for it.”

When it comes to disaster preparation there’s one thing I’ve learned -- there’s a huge difference between “planning” for a disaster and “preparing.” Everyone has a “plan” but when disaster strikes, it’s only those that are prepared that will survive it.

With the uncertainty of the weather forecasts, you simple don’t have time to wait.

-Lee Bellinger




If you prefer to order by phone, call my 24-hour toll-free line at 1-877-371-1807